Goodbye 2015.


First off, yes, I’m aware that it is almost February before I’m posting a “goodbye 2015” post. Life’s been a little crazy lately, okay?


2015 changed my life.
Plain and simple.

If you would have told me at the beginning of 2015 this is where my life would be now and I would go through everything I have in the past 12 months, I probably would have laughed in your face and responded with some smartass comment.

Why would I have laughed in your face you ask? Well. If you would have told me just one short year ago that I would be writing a blog post from an airplane 20,000 feet in the sky on my way to Florida to be backstage at basically the “B-93 Birthday Bash” of Fort Lauderdale, yeah, I would have laughed at you.

Not for one second have I ever doubted that I would make my dreams come true (that’s not meant as cocky as it sounds), I just didn’t know I would ever do it this fast.

You could say I’m pretty damn happy lately.

I ultimately had the idea of making this post more of a reflection on 2015 and how it changed my life, but the more I write, the less I want to dwell on that and the more I want to focus on what’s going on currently.

So things are great. I still LOVE Nashville, obviously. Work is amazing, also obviously. Things are really just working out really well right now.

I wish I could say more about the people I get to work with and the cool opportunities I’m getting, unfortunately I can’t, yet.

But, what I can tell is that I’m on track to do some REALLY awesome stuff this year.

Well, I know this is a short post. I just wanted to at least update you guys and let you know things are going amazing for me lately. Also, writing on a plane is a lot more distracting than I imagined it would be. Apparently my ADD kicked in and now I can’t focus for the life of me. Oh well.

I love you all and miss you lots!

I’ll try not to go so long before another update this time, and hopefully the next one will be more of an update instead of a bunch of my random rambling.


Real. Talk.


So all my blog posts have been pretty much rainbows and butterfly’s…until now.

Life really is great in Nashville.

I’m happy.
I’m healthy.
I have an unbelievable job.
I live in a beautiful apartment.
I am meeting so many cool people.
I have gotten to listen to some amazing music and discover lots of new artists to love.

I really do love my life here!
It’s so hard.

From the very moment I moved down here and started my job and started talking to clients, I’ve constantly been told how brave I am. Even before I moved, people were telling me how proud they were and how they would never be able to do what I am doing. Do not get me wrong, I am SO grateful for these kind words, I just want to be honest with myself and everybody reading this.

Yes, I packed up my life and left everything I’ve known my whole life behind and moved 8 hours from home.

By myself.

That’s always the kicker. That’s when I get the “Wow! That’s amazing. You’re so brave!” response.

But! HUGE ‘but’ here.

Yes, you read that right and just so you can be sure, I’ll write it again.


I’ve got God.
And let me tell you, I have never had to put more faith in Him than I have in these past few months.

From the moment I decided to hit ‘send’ on an email with my resume attached to a salon in Nashville, to the countless nights I’ve laid in bed staring at my ceiling trying to figure out what’s next.
I know just how completely insane that makes me sound. What’s next? I’m sure some of you are thinking ‘Steph, you’re crazy. You just got there. Why are you already thinking about what’s next?’ And if you are thinking that, well then, I’m right there with you.

I have a lot of time to think here. As busy as it can get around me, I still come home to an empty apartment every night, which makes for a lot of “me time”. If any of you know me well at all, that means I do a lot of thinking.

I’ve always been somebody who has goals. I like goals. It gives me something to work towards and once I reach that goal, I have something to be proud of. For possibly the first time in my life, or at least in my adult life, I don’t have a goal. This is terrifying to me. For the past year, my goal has been Nashville. I didn’t know when it would happen or how, but I knew I wanted to be here and I knew I was going to make it happen. Well, I did.

So now what?

Now I trust. I have absolutely NO idea where I’m going next. I have no goal. I am simply putting my faith in God and trusting that He knows what He is doing and where He’s taking me. Which, again, if you know me at all, you know I like to be in control. I like knowing what’s coming next. I like plans. I like security. I think most of us do. It makes us feel safe and who doesn’t want to feel safe?

The amount of things in my life that lined up so perfectly for me to be where I am right now, those are the reasons I know I am where I am supposed to be right now. That’s why I have peace. That’s why I know I made the right decision in coming down here.

Why did I decide to write this today? I’ll tell ya.
2 days ago (November 14), I opened the Bible app on my phone and looked at my verse of the day.
It was around 2:30am and I had been laying in bed tossing and turning for the past 3 hours.
The verse was Jeremiah 29:11.
A very popular verse that many of us know off the top of our heads.
For any of you that don’t…

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

This verse always helps give me a sense of peace. A calming reassurance that I’m not in this alone and even when I don’t, He knows what He’s doing.
I took a deep breath and feel asleep within a half hour after reading this.

But that’t not all.
I was about to go to bed last night and grabbed my computer to check social media one last time, because of course I had to know what had happened since I had checked it 5 minutes before. (Guilty)
Next thing I knew, I was reading my old tweets from this time last year and then, this.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future

Note the date. November 14, 2014. I’m a big believer in everything happening for a reason and coincidences sometimes really do mean something.

To sum up all of this rambling and the countless bunny trails I just led you on. 

Put your trust in God.
He knows what He is doing!
Even on the days/nights that I am terrified not knowing what is coming next for me, I have to have faith.
My faith, even the times when I have my doubts, is what keeps me going.

Call me brave or strong or confident, I am SO thankful to be considered any one of those words, but I am just a person in this big crazy world just as confused as any other 23 year old girl.
I just have God on my side.
I know I’m in great hands.

I know I have said this many times already, but I am going to say it again because I truly can’t say it enough.

To everybody supporting me on this adventure,

You are also a huge reason I am where I am.
I have such an amazing support system behind me.

Ya’ll are wonderful.

And with that, I love you, I miss you, and I can’t wait to come visit soon!

Nashville living.

So much for writing sooner this time…

I sit here writing this in the midst of paying bills and just having worked 34 hours in three days.

Is this what being an adult feels like?
How did this happen?
How do I make it stop?

Only not really. I love it. This craziness that is my life, it’s also my happiness. Although I could go without the bill paying part.

Where. To. Start.

Life is basically a blur (I know I keep saying that, but it’s kinda really true) in Nashville, and no, it’s not because of the whiskey…at least not most of the time.

See, a blur..though there may have been a little whiskey involved in that one (;

See, a blur..though there may have been a little whiskey involved in that one (;

There really haven’t been any huge, exciting things happening since the last blog. I’m making friends and meeting so many people so that’s fun! It also entails going out on the town more which makes me exhausted, but I’m only young once, right?!

Just an average Tuesday night

Just an average Tuesday night


Girls nights have not been in short supply here either.


I went to my first Predators hockey game and that was a BLAST! If you know my love for hockey, then you will understand how pumped I am to be living in a city with their own NHL team!

New friends AND hockey? I'm in!

New friends AND hockey? I’m in!

 Work has been great. We are getting into holidays which means even busier than usual and by that I mean..
‘coffee. now. please.’

Also, THIS!


This girl made my job EASY! Possibly one of my favorite styles I’ve done so far.

Halloween was fun. We turned the salon into a circus for the day.

Just a few of my awesome coworkers

Just a few of my awesome coworkers

And for any of you wondering about the CMA Awards, they were INSANE. No, I wasn’t able to go, but I did hair for a ton of people that did attend. This week at The Dry House was all hands on deck. It may as well have been called “The Mad House” for the week. But. We survived (with A LOT of coffee) and we killllllled it! My team is awesome!


My. Girl. We were the only 2 from the salon brave enough to venture downtown after the award show ended

And to answer the question of if I did any famous people’s hair, no, I did not. My boss did a bunch, but I haven’t gotten to that point…yet (;

I DID however do hair for some publicists, managers, and just general people in the business.

Well ya’ll, the timer just went off for my pizza in the oven and there is a bottle of wine waiting to be opened.

(I’m so good at this adulting thing)

I love you all and miss you lots! I’m hoping to come home for a visit soonish! I’ll keep you posted!

Until next time!

Where did September go?


No, I didn’t take this photo, but I wish I did because it’s beautiful!

No, but for real. How is it October already? September has been a blur to say the least.

A lot of people, back home and here, are basically asking me all the same questions. So, I’m just gonna go ahead and answer a few of those and then I’ll talk more about what I’ve been up to.

  • I’m loving Nashville. What’s not to love really?
  • My favorite part about the city is how big it is and how there is always something going on, yet it has a complete small town feel so I still feel very at home.
  • The job is going great!
  • And no, I don’t miss doing cut and color, at least not yet. Maybe someday I will, but I’m loving just doing blowouts right now.
  • Things overall are really going great!

Okay, so with all that being said, I miss home. A lot. I’m completely in love with Nashville and my job and the people here, but family and friends and just home in general are still very missed.

Like I said, the first month here has been a blur. A whirlwind.

The first couple weeks were really just spent getting my feet under me and trying my best to settle in. Although my best friend did come visit me Labor Day weekend and we tore up the town!


And by ‘tore up the town’ I mean ‘we tried our best to stay out past midnight without falling asleep at the bar’. But really though, how do people stay out til 3am all the time? I can barely make it past 10pm these days!

Exploring Nashville is fun. There is lots to see and pretty much all of it is beautiful!



Now, more about the job! It’s amazing. I love it so much. The job itself is a blast. My coworkers are great. My boss is so insanely passionate about her salon and the stylists and the whole field of cosmetology in general. It’s awesome to be around somebody that wants so much for not only herself and her business, but also for the people around her helping make the salon what it is. (and Sheri, if you’re reading this, you were the same way! I have been very blessed in the boss department) Also, how adorable is my salon?!

Just a few of the talented stylist

Just a few of the talented stylist

"Gorgeous hair is the best revenge" #highclassbadass

“Gorgeous hair is the best revenge” #highclassbadass

And here are just a few of the fun styles I’ve done so far

I did the red head's hair for a girls night on the town with her best friend

I did the red head’s hair for a girls night on the town with her best friend

braids on braids on braids #badassbraids

braids on braids on braids #badassbraids

I do still get to cut some hair sometimes. Thanks to our bomb ass makeup artist for letting me shave things into the back of her head!

I do still get to cut some hair sometimes. Thanks to our bomb ass makeup artist for letting me shave things into the back of her head!

Well. That’s all for now ya’ll! See what I did there? I’m trying to be southern (;

I’ll try to update sooner next time! I finally have a computer now so it’s much easier to blog!

Again, thanks to everybody who’s supporting me on this adventure! I can definitely feel all the thoughts and prayers! Love you guys so much! And miss you LOTS!


Home. Sweet. Home.

So I sit here writing this is my brand new (to me at least) apartment with my heart feeling so happy.

Shortly after signing my lease and feeling 100% like a hardcore adult

I can’t even begin to explain the gratitude I have to all of the amazing people who have supported me thus far on my journey. The outpouring of love and support and prayers have not gone unnoticed. And to every single one of you, THANK. YOU.  I wouldn’t have had the courage to do this without the incredible support system behind me.

Well. Now for an update.

Currently I haven’t started work yet, I start Wednesday (September 2)! I couldn’t be more excited and ready to start this new endeavor.

The trip down here was smooth and uneventful.

Me and my trusty ole “Bell” (yes, i named my car when i was 16 and it just stuck) making our way down south, packed to the brim.

My road rage only kicked in a couple times, but I was able to keep it under control for the most part. Although, if anybody was in the car with me, they might have a different story for you 😯

This past weekend has been a whirlwind. Getting unpacked is still ongoing. AND exhausting. Having my dad and sister here was a HUGE help.

We tried out the coffee shop right by my new place on Saturday morning. A place called The Well. It was delish. The coffee was so yummy (I had a vanilla/cinnamon latte) (mom, you should put that on the menu at Mezzo 😉)

And, on top of the coffee being good, they sponsor the building of wells in poverty stricken places! How cool is that?! If you wanna find out more about them, check out their website here!

This is the “Wishing Well”, a wall full of prayer requests

After coffee and breakfast, Saturday was a FULL day of running around. At times, I literally couldn’t form sentences because my brain was going in every direction and I was just plain exhausted.

Saturday night we went to dinner at Firebirds. They grill most of their food on a wood fired grill! Let me just tell you, that burger was probably the best burger I’ve had in my whole life. It. Was. AMAZING!

They also had CREME BRÛLÉE CHEESECAKE! I’m pretty sure that’s what heaven would taste like.

Oh and that drink? Oh. Yeah. That’s the double diamond martini. I’m honestly not sure what was in it, but it had to have been something magical (and not in a bad way) because it was delicious.

And the best part, this place is a 3 minute walk from my apartment. Or maybe that’s the worst part? (To be determined)

Sunday. Sunday was a little more relaxing. We showed Lo downtown and did touristy things like the walking bridge and all the souvenir shops.

While walking down Broadway, I asked Lo if she wanted a picture with Elvis to which she responded “who’s Elvis?” So of course I made her take a picture with Elvis.

You can tell she was thrilled. (I got a good chuckle out of the whole ordeal)

So that brings me to now. I’ve finally been able to just sit and stop thinking for a minute. Dad and Lo left a little bit ago. I’ve slowly stopped crying into my cupcakes. Why cupcakes and not WINE you ask? FUN FACT about Tennessee, the grocery stores down here don’t sell wine and liquor stores that DO sell it…yeah, they’re closed on Sunday’s. Also because apparently cupcake places are a thing down here! I live within 5 minutes of like 3. But I’m not complaining!

Well. It’s been a hell of a weekend and I don’t think things will be slowing down anytime soon, but I’m okay with that! Thank you again for all the support and kind words from all of you! I’m now going to relax for a bit an enjoy my new adventure.

Until next time!

This is really happening. 

Well friends, life never ceases to amaze me. 

Just 2 weeks ago I was almost in tears talking to my mom telling her how stuck I was feeling in life. I have a GREAT job, amazing family, and the BEST of friends. I’m busy (like super busy most of the time) and I truly love my life. But. (you had to know there was a ‘but’ coming) I’m bored. I could be surrounded by my favorite people and still be bored. 

So, I figured “what the hell”, got on my phone and started looking for jobs in Nashville. Fast forward to the present moment and I am currently laying on my bed looking at all the clothes I will be packing up in the next few weeks to start this crazy new adventure! 


Yup. You read that right. I’m taking a shot in the dark at this crazy dream of mine and packing up all my things to move halfway across the country. By myself. I’ve never been so excited and completely terrified at the same time. I have seen God’s hand over so much of the last few weeks though that I know He’s got this all figured out already. 

So. There it is. Starting the next chapter. Getting ready to begin my newest adventure in this crazy life. Here goes nothin! 


Welcome to my world.


Bear with me friends, this is a first for me.

So. I’m not a blogger. And I’m not a writer. Most of the time I don’t even form complete sentences (see 3 previous “sentences”). I may put a comma in the wrong place, (like there?) and I will never truly comprehend a semi-colon, but I will always use the correct form of there/they’re/their.

Please don’t judge me by my run-on sentences or my lack of complete thoughts. Thanks, you’re a doll. I owe ya one.

My home is in Michigan, for now, but my heart is in the world. Currently in Nashville. I’ll call it home eventually.

My career is a hairstylist, but for me it’s much more than just a job. It’s my passion. I get to go to work every day never knowing what my day holds. I have the ability to change a person’s whole day by making them feel beautiful! How cool is that?!

I meet people of all ages and from all walks of life. I’ve had clients from your crazy college freshman to, my most memorable AND humbling, a woman shaving her head before the breast cancer made that choice for her. Talk about reminding you how short life is and to cherish each and every moment, good or bad.

Well, like I said, this is a first for me. I’m not sure what I am going to “write” about, but I’ll figure that out along the way. Isn’t that what makes this fun?!

If you’ve made it this far through this post, I applaud you and I thank you. You rock! And that must mean my incomplete sentences aren’t too awful! Phew. Or they are and you just wanted to see how much worse it could get and that’s okay too! I still think you’re cool.

So. Welcome to my world. I’m looking forward to chatting with you all and taking you on this adventure called life with me!