Nashville living.

So much for writing sooner this time…

I sit here writing this in the midst of paying bills and just having worked 34 hours in three days.

Is this what being an adult feels like?
How did this happen?
How do I make it stop?

Only not really. I love it. This craziness that is my life, it’s also my happiness. Although I could go without the bill paying part.

Where. To. Start.

Life is basically a blur (I know I keep saying that, but it’s kinda really true) in Nashville, and no, it’s not because of the whiskey…at least not most of the time.

See, a blur..though there may have been a little whiskey involved in that one (;

See, a blur..though there may have been a little whiskey involved in that one (;

There really haven’t been any huge, exciting things happening since the last blog. I’m making friends and meeting so many people so that’s fun! It also entails going out on the town more which makes me exhausted, but I’m only young once, right?!

Just an average Tuesday night

Just an average Tuesday night


Girls nights have not been in short supply here either.


I went to my first Predators hockey game and that was a BLAST! If you know my love for hockey, then you will understand how pumped I am to be living in a city with their own NHL team!

New friends AND hockey? I'm in!

New friends AND hockey? I’m in!

 Work has been great. We are getting into holidays which means even busier than usual and by that I mean..
‘coffee. now. please.’

Also, THIS!


This girl made my job EASY! Possibly one of my favorite styles I’ve done so far.

Halloween was fun. We turned the salon into a circus for the day.

Just a few of my awesome coworkers

Just a few of my awesome coworkers

And for any of you wondering about the CMA Awards, they were INSANE. No, I wasn’t able to go, but I did hair for a ton of people that did attend. This week at The Dry House was all hands on deck. It may as well have been called “The Mad House” for the week. But. We survived (with A LOT of coffee) and we killllllled it! My team is awesome!


My. Girl. We were the only 2 from the salon brave enough to venture downtown after the award show ended

And to answer the question of if I did any famous people’s hair, no, I did not. My boss did a bunch, but I haven’t gotten to that point…yet (;

I DID however do hair for some publicists, managers, and just general people in the business.

Well ya’ll, the timer just went off for my pizza in the oven and there is a bottle of wine waiting to be opened.

(I’m so good at this adulting thing)

I love you all and miss you lots! I’m hoping to come home for a visit soonish! I’ll keep you posted!

Until next time!


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